Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 6:00 PM PST
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A free call sharing the benefits of using Wisdom of the World's "Alchemical Wisdom" on the TGI Master Key Platform.

Special Guests Dr. Brenda Wade and CEO of New Reality, Dale Ann Springer

Hosted by Clint Rogers, Ph.D,
and Gary Malkin

Join hosts Clint Rogers, Ph.D, and Gary Malkin to learn more about a groundbreaking way to alleviate stress, improve your sleep, and cultivate greater wellness through life-affirming guided imagery on the TGI Master Key device! This call will feature psychologist, Dr. Brenda Wade, so you can learn more about the power of this groundbreaking technology that enables you to cultivate the kind of support that creates greater rest, health, and wellness! Please join us !


TGI Master Key

New Reality

With the TGI Master Key, thousands of patients have already freed themselves from negative emotions…begun enjoying deeper, sounder sleep…more easily start and keep making healthier lifestyle choices… and built the foundation for defeating their distress about cancer and cancer treatment.


Media for Human Being.

The goal of Wisdom of the World™ is to use media to heal, empower, and connect us to the best part of ourselves. This new inspirational media has the capacity to help you find your true purpose, strengthen your ability to compassionately connect with others, and inspire you to find greater success in all areas of your life. We also specialize in creating music for healing environments that deepens your connection to what matters most. Enhanced with the power of a musical soundtrack, Wisdom of the World's audio and visual media products feature the compassionate spoken messages of not only the world's spiritual and humanitarian leaders – but also those of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. Become more fulfilled by enriching your life with music and messages from Wisdom of the World. More..

Become more fulfilled by enriching your life with music and messages from Wisdom of the World.


Safe in the Arms

Safe in the Arms of Love 'Deepening the essential bond with your baby'

In association with Resonant Sounds featuring Lisa Rafel, Gary Malkin, and David Surrenda, Phd.

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Keynote Presentations,
Workshops, and Performances

Presented by Gary Malkin
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WisdomFilms Released

WisdomFilms DVD Collection

Each WisdomFilm™ features the breathtaking imagery of award-winning cinematographer David Fortney, and original music scores created by Gary Malkin, a 7-time Emmy Award-winning composer. The inspiring narrations are provided by such renowned Thought Leaders as mind/body integration advocate Deepak Chopra, success coach Bob Proctor, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Buddhist teacher Thich Nath Hanh, the grandchildren of Mahatma Gandhi, Arun & Sunanda Gandhi, and other noted voices of empowerment, presence, and peace.

The Evolution of Consciousness-Enhancing Media by Ann Crawford
Multiple Emmy and ASCAP Award-winning media composer/producer Gary Malkin delivers wisdom and well-being in a stunningly beautiful. innovative way. Read the whole article (pdf)