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  Wisdom of the World was originally created to support the hearts and souls of those going through the challenging transitions of life. We have since grown into a media publishing company that features an astonishing array of known and unknown visionaries of the world delivered in an unforgettable way.

For more than twenty-five years, Gary Malkin has been composing and producing music for media. He has created countless soundtracks and musical atmospheres for film, television and radio programming. All of this music was created to enhance the impact and create an alchemy between the visual or audio content by using the emotional language of music, ending up with an multi-dimensional experience that was greater than the sum of the parts. By musically enhancing keynote speakers at live international conferences, he also learned that music significantly increased the retention and impact of spoken content.

Documented research has proven that illness and disease can no longer be treated on the physiological level alone. For best results, it must also be treated holistically, using integrative mind/body practices.

Similarly, the world's challenges call for a more thoughtful integration of our emotional and spiritual intelligence into our institutions, enabling us to reach the whole person as we engage in the conversations that matter most. Over time, we believe that research will prove that there could be significant beneficial results by integrating more humanity-building strategies and arts-infused approaches to corporate and civic affairs. Academic institutions stand to benefit even more from an emotionally and spiritually integrated approach to education. In response to these trends, Wisdom of the World provides a wide array of experiential media, using the power of inspiration to deepen our ability to connect to something larger than ourselves.

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