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Keynote Performances and Workshops Presented by Music/Healing Innovator & Multiple Emmy Award-Winning Composer/Producer Gary Malkin

The Musician as Shaman:
Reclaiming a Universal Resource for Healing

Since time immemorial tribal peoples have used chant, story and drumming to traverse life's challenges. Modern societies seem to have lost this important resource for finding meaning in our lives. Our ability to heal and be healed is deepened when we use the arts (such as music, poetry and story) in our work. It allows both patient and healer to awaken our hearts and souls and remember who we are. Used in this way, the arts are more than just entertainment, they bring us into the present moment, allow us to become more authentic and connected…they restore life's meaning. Gary Malkin calls this entering "the field of resonance" where we can serve our patients better, become more emotionally connected and feel fully alive.
Experience the impact the arts can have on your life and your practice by joining award winning composer and transformational media producer Gary Malkin as he passionately shares with you his understanding of music as a portal into a deeper way of connection and awakening to that which matters most.

The Integrative Imperative:
Why Now  - More than Ever - is the Time to Support Psychosocial Strategies in Healthcare

Studies have shown that removing the often-undervalued subjects of art and music from education can have a deleterious effect on students' capacity for critical thinking, creative collaboration, and multi-dimensional learning. Similarly, decades of research in the fields of Mind/Body Medicine and Arts and Healing modalities have confirmed that a purely reductionist approach to any health challenge or life transition would be a regrettable step backward when addressing one's essential physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Removing the very experiences that most effectively deepen the patient's capacities for buoyancy, resilience, and courage is to ignore the vast amount of research that has successfully related our mental and emotional well-being to our physiological health. There's even evidence which proves that when these methods are used, it often results in accelerated healing , greater satisfaction, and financial benefits for the institutions. Now, more than ever, during an era of drastic cutbacks and endless regulations, we must integrate psychosocial strategies into mainstream medicine's practices. Join music and healing advocate Gary Malkin in an experiential presentation that will convincingly demonstrate that these methods can provide compassionate and demonstrable results leading to a more effective and humane healthcare systems

The Magic of Graceful Passages:
Facing Your Mortality to Cultivate Radical Gratitude

"Direct contact with the precariousness of life helps us to feel and appreciate the preciousness of life". – Frank Ostasesski, Founder, Zen Hospice Center

Most of us may not be as afraid of dying as we are of fully living. Resistance to the truth of our fragile mortality is more the cause of our suffering, than actually facing death itself. Perhaps this is why the Dalai Lama, who reportedly includes a dying meditation as a part of his daily spiritual practice, is as jovial and compassionate as he is. Something about the ephemeral power of music allows us to enter into territories that we normally avoid. For the last ten years, thousands of end-of-life professionals, patients and families have benefitted from the use of Graceful Passages as a tool to face loss - and to assist entry into this sometimes-fearful terrain. Through the healing power of music, authentic wisdom, and a variety of exercises, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the impermanence of life, leading to deep realizations about what is unfinished, who do we have unfinished business with, and what matters most. A common result of this workshop is to experience a radical gratitude for life's simple gifts, and a resolve to live each day with an enduring remembrance of how precious life truly is.

The Art of Human Being:
How The Power of Resonance Can Awaken the Resourcefulness
We Need During Challenging Times

We are living in the Age of Integration. If we want to succeed in all aspects of our lives, we need to become Samurais of Success by gaining mastery of the more subtle aspects of the human experience. When we learn how to cultivate Presence (the art of being in the Now), Mindfulness (the art of being skilled in pure awareness), Coherence (the art of opening and balancing our hearts) and Resonance (the art of integrating all of ourselves), we can tap into radical resourcefulness, accessing the best of what it means to be human. This is the great privilege we have in this life, to learn the true art of human being. Join Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World, a resonance-based media company, as he shares what he's learned about the values and tools that can help you become more resourceful, effective, and fulfilled – essential qualities to deal with these changing times.

Grace in Practice:
Using the Art of Listening to Cultivate Healing Presence

Of all our senses, hearing is the first to arrive - in utero at 24 weeks - and the last to go before we take our last breath. This suggests that listening might offer us a bridge to our essential nature, manifested as an inherent capacity called presence. In health care encounters, using the emotional language of music and the power of the spoken word, invites us to deepen our listening skills so that we can infuse our life and work with more empathy and self-awareness. This will create more meaningful encounters with patients, colleagues, and all of our relationships. It takes courage to face our humanity, but without it, we may miss precious opportunities to bring our lives and our careers into greater balance. This presentation will enhance one's ability to listen with the heart rather than the ears, with results that are exciting and still not fully explored. Grace in Practice is a cross-disciplinary, psychosocial workshop beneficial to anyone interested in deepening one's connection to the non-physical dimensions of healthcare.

Care for the Journey:
Stewarding the Path of Self Care and Service

Setting aside one's own needs for physical, emotional and spiritual integration in order to better care for others is a well-worn habit among those in the healthcare professions. The resulting stress, fatigue, and unexpressed grief from your own personal losses - and those of your patients - can undermine a balanced life and optimum effectiveness. The loss of connection with your original purpose for entering the healing professions can lead to "burnout." This work hopes to inspire a shift in our healthcare culture so that the institutionalized stoicism and apparent lack of humanity in healthcare can be directly addressed by offering an educational program that engenders empathy, compassion and support through nourishing the caregivers in humane and meaningful ways. Care for the Journey is designed to help you recharge while learning innovative tools to use back home. Featuring a variety of contemplative speaking and listening experiences, along with a unique form of guided imagery, you will be given an opportunity to see each moment as a self-renewing, unfolding expression of your unique healing presence. When this occurs, you will be able to revitalize your capacity to bring comfort and peace to the bedside, home and workplace with increased joy and fulfillment.

Wrapped in the Arms of Surrender:
Using Music to Connect to What Matters Most

Music is an incredibly powerful phenomenon that touches us in profound ways. For more and more people, music transcends being simply a form of entertainment to become a source of meaning and connection to the soul. This approach to music offers a portal to a new realm, providing a glimpse into the language of sound and spirit. You will discover how the untapped power of music can reduce stress, improve your health, alleviate pain, deepen your relationships, and enhance your capacity for gratitude. Most importantly, you will deepen your relationship to Grace itself.  This presentation creates poignant opportunities to enhance your ability to listen, open your heart, and find ways to cultivate your unique healing presence. Here is an opportunity to replenish your hearts and spirit, and strengthen your capacity to serve and be present to those we love. For many who find it difficult to meditate, you can learn how to use a new way to listen that can initiate a contemplative practice that releases stress, alleviates anxiety, eases depression, and cultivates inner peace. For anyone seeking greater understanding and direct experience about the healing power of music and sound.

Safe in the Arms of Love:
How Music Can Deepen the Essential Bond between Parents and Newborns

Babies live in a world of sensation, touch, sound, need, and feeling, profoundly impacted by the state of consciousness of the caregiver. Research has shown that an optimal bonding process is necessary for proper development of the baby's empathic and relational capacities. However, in this age of hyper-stimulation, multi-tasking, and fragmented attention, there is a growing challenge to the parent's ability to be fully present during bonding. Increasingly music is being recognized as "vibrational medicine" which can be used to impact respiration rates, heart rates, and cognitive awareness, significantly supporting the emotional state of caregiver and child. When both the parent and child are nurtured, there is an enhanced opportunity to reclaim the authenticity of the bonding process. This presentation and/or workshop offers ways to cultivate integrative, fully engaged attention during the bonding process. Through contemplative listening, dyads, and group inquiry, we will explore how music can play a role in the creation of an unconditionally loving sanctuary, and provide an aesthetic antidote to an increasingly stressful world.


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Radical Resourcefulness:
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