Gary Malkin Testimonials

"Gary Malkin provided the musical inspiration at the Quest for Global Healing Conferences in Bali, Indonesia, where I served as the keynote speaker. Gary's creativity is particularly moving, especially when he spontaneously creates music as an accompaniment to ritual and prayer. I highly recommend Gary for the healing balm his music offers."

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"When I listen to Gary Malkin's music, I'm reminded of the intimacy between the world of nature 'out there' and our own personal realms of imagination. Gary is the musical Hermes, the artist go-between, connecting our deepest selves to the vast world we live in. No service could be more important."

Thomas Moore, Bestselling Author of "Care of the Soul"

"Gary Malkin is unsurpassed in his capacity to use music as a healing art, particularly in live settings with both small and large groups of people. With him music comes alive as a catalyst for transformation.

Jim Garrison, President, Wisdom University

"I believe that Gary Malkin's work represents an innovation in the field of accelerated educational tools for social intelligence. Gary's use of music as it dynamically supports the assimilation of cognitive content, expressed by the world's humanitarian visionaries, provides a contemplative listening and viewing experience that hastens the propensity for the "Relaxation Response". I believe his work represents a new benchmark in the use of music for creating emotional and spiritual coherence."

Cheri L. Florance, Ph.D.
President, Brain Engineering Laboratories
Brain & Communication Researcher, National Institutes of Health

"Gary's work will add significantly to any project you're working on that needs to reach people through the heart!"

Bruce Cryer, CEO, HeartMath

Gary Malkin's music is a deep experience of essence, a remembering of our direct connection with all that is."

Joan Borysenko, author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

The power of Wisdom of the World's work rests on what their experiential modality actually achieves, which is a measurable and repeatable elevation of the human heart.  Their expert selection of speakers has the ability to reflect on spiritual topics from deeply integrated wells of experience, after much time spent in the contemplation of truth. Their ability to elicit and capture vocal reflection from that integrated place within the speaker is critical to the contagion of their medium. I believe Wisdom of the World has created a multi-dimensional catalyst for states of consciousness which, when repeatedly and habitually experienced, expands the human capacity for compassion, generosity, altruism, forgiveness, and a host of life-enhancing capacities and behaviors.  I highly recommend Wisdom of the World's work as worthy of being more extensively researched and developed as a significant cultivation tool for spiritual maturity and behavioral cultivation."

Dr. Courtney Cowart, Th. D.
Author, An American Awakening

"Gary Malkin has a profoundly moving way of bringing spirit, music, culture and meaning together. He appreciates the lofty and the tender, as well as what elicits compassion and what raises the intensity of a moment.  He works with complex conference presentations in ways that bring audiences to an optimal place of engagement.  He is an inspired visionary who brings a warmth and humanity to the task of artistic direction that is contagious in a conference setting.  Be prepared to see people transformed when this particular master is at work!"

James O'Dea, President, Institute of Noetic Sciences

"Gary has the most intuitive and elegant musical sensibility I have ever come across. His ability to compose just the perfect music for the situation is uncanny. His music literally makes the hair on the back of the neck stand up. And to top it off he is a visionary in his world of musical future thinking. He is a true "muso-trepreneur."

Denzyl Fiegelson, Architect of Itunes, Founder of Artists Without a Label

The tragedy of trauma is not so much the trauma itself but that the traumatic experience creates a devastating disconnection within us from our "knowing self"and from our other internal resources.  Wisdom of the World's media resources produce a meditative state through the use of multiple sources – visual, auditory, and intellectual that triggers the brain into a natural and organic response that allows us to reprocess and shift from a singular and often a negative perception of a situation or event into a more substantial, healthy, useful and accurate perspective of a situation.

Wisdom of the World, delivering work by its founder, Gary Malkin, creates media experiences that communicate to us in a myriad of ways; cognitive, emotional, visual, auditory, through the central nervous system and on a cellular level creating new and expansive possibilities that help to heal and support a growing peace and universal understanding in our lives. Imagine all of this!... and it is all supported by our current knowledge now available from neuroscience and quantum physics.

Stephen Paul Adler, Ph.D. B.C.E.P.T.S. CGP
Founder Global Institute for Trauma Resolution

"Gary Malkin is a master composer, performer, public speaker, and producer of music who powerfully draws an audience deep into their core. He has an uncanny ability to know what will bring forth a deeper listening from the audience so that profound communication and relatedness becomes the norm. Gary understands how to collaborate well, designing potent ways in which the performing arts can open hearts in just the right way - whether in large conferences or intimate gatherings. I heartily recommend Gary for any project that intends to truly move and inspire its audience. Gary does it brilliantly with grace, elegance and remarkable skill." 

Lynne Twist, Author, The Soul of Money; Co-Founder, Pachamama Alliance

"Gary's work will add significantly to any project you're working on that needs to reach people through the heart!"

Bruce Cryer, CEO, HeartMath

"I strongly believe that the breadth, scope and content of Gary's Wisdom of the World project provides an immense benefit for all individuals of the greater human family. For many years now, people all across the country have often mentioned to me how Gary's musical creations have moved them deeply and released them to their wholeness. Gary's work is not just beautiful, but inspiring and liberating. Gary's newest project, which combines contemplative music, authentic spoken word, and deeply moving visuals, promises to have historic healing capabilities. I wholeheartedly support his work."

John Robbins, Bestselling Author, Diet for a New America


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