"Safe in the Arms of Love is simply beautiful. This book goes right to the heart, inviting you to relax, open up, and find an oasis of calm in your daily routine. My wish would be for every pregnant and nursing mother to bathe herself and her baby in these heartwarming songs."
Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

Safe in the Arms of Love is a book and music set designed to support the bonding process between parent and baby.

Intentionally designed music calms both the parent and the baby and evokes feelings of unconditional love and connection.

This information rich and beautifully illustrated book contains important information, stories and exercises that support heartfelt bonding and attachment.


  • Beautiful Book/CD set - a perfect gift for expectant and new parents
  • Promotes essential bonding between parent and child
  • Music scientifically calms a mother's heart and increases the connection between mother and child
  • Includes easy to do, de-stressing and bonding exercises
  • Presents the 5 primary techniques for bonding
  • Music can be enjoyed by the whole family


Produced by Resonant Sounds, LLC in association with Wisdom of the World, Inc.


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