Care for the Journey II

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Due to popular demand; weve created a second CD with additional Messages & Music for Sustaining the Heart of Healthcare (Gary Malkin and Michael Stillwater). Care for the Journey II brings more compassionate, inspirational messages from leaders in Healthcare to support, sustain and heal the hearts of professional caregivers and healing practitioners for self-renewal. More details...
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Care for the Journey II
Care for the Journey II
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Messages & Music for Sustaining the Heart of Healthcare (Gary Malkin and Michael Stillwater, 2005) The Care for the Journey audio resource is a CD of spoken messages from leaders in compassionate care supported by original scored music. It is used by health professionals and healing practitioners as a continuing education tool and for inspirational self-renewal. Developed by the creators of Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying, a leading palliative care resource, this CD helps strengthen skills and capacity for emotional presence, relational medicine, and healing dialogue. The role and impact of grief and loss, communication skills, and self-care practices are explored. This work is a spiritual practice. When we touch another person physically, we're touching more than just their body. We're touching their mind, we're touching their heart, we're touching their very soul. Jean Watson, PhD, RN Author, The Theory of Human Caring Excerpt: Care for the Journey Audio Resource Care for the Journey supports the personal and professional lives of nurses, physicians, social workers, chaplains, clinicians and administrators, staff and volunteers from hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices, and medical and nursing students. Care for the Journey: Sustaining the Heart of Healthcare, is an educational initiative strategically designed to respond to the demands and stresses on the healthcare professional of the 21st Century. Programs and resources are designed to rekindle the spiritual and emotional dimension of the professional healthcare provider. Participants explore the acceptance of human limitations in medicine as a gateway to deepen and sustain the human connection in healing. Imagine the wisdom of Christiane Northrup, MD, Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, Joan Borysenko, PhD, Christina Puchalski, MD, Jean Watson, RN, PhD, Angeles Arrien, PhD, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and other leading experts in medicine, spirituality and psychology, facilitating experiential learning. These inspiring perspectives invite practitioners to explore their inner resources and develop greater capacity to sustain their role as a healer. Total Time: 48:06

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