Why Wisdom of the World?    
  We live in extraordinary times.

When we, as a people, are more distracted than ever before.

When the meaning in our lives is overwhelmed by too much human doing, rather than human being...

When the challenges of daily living threaten to undermine our ability to nourish our innate need for meaning, connection and compassion...

Extensive research emphasizes the importance of mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being in order to enjoy a long and fruitful life. WOW products are crafted to deepen your heart and spirit, awakening greater mindfulness and compassion throughout the transitions of your life.

Wisdom of the World's products are unique in that each and every message is recorded and edited by our state-of-the-art media team, with custom-composed soundtracks created for each of our spoken word recordings. When appropriate, these music-infused messages are set to breathtaking imagery, resulting in a magical 'alchemy' that arises from blending all of these elements. As a result, we offer new ways to experience messages that matter most, harmonized to some of the most inspiring, award-winning music and images available today.

In times of great change, when uncertainty and fear can threaten our sense of wellbeing, it is beneficial to stop the world for a few moments and experience the mentoring of wise, comforting messages of assurance, perspective, and support. By making these spoken messages available to everyone in a way that touches the heart, Wisdom of the World's media provides an uplifting dose of pure, honest-to-goodness integrity and intimacy.

Welcome home to the warmth of Wisdom of the World™.