About Wisdom of the World    
  Through the astonishing power of film score quality music and the aesthetics of film, Wisdom of the World has reinvented the way in which people can directly access and experience the spoken wisdom of the world's known and unknown visionaries.

Until now, a direct experience of wisdom keepers has only been available to those who could afford expensive conferences and self-help workshops. Through the power of WoW's 'alchemized wisdom', people can now use audio and visual media as a part of their contemplative practice, to inspire the mind, touch the soul, and heal a heart weary from the stresses of the world.

Wisdom of the World is committed to recording known and unknown visionaries who possess authenticity, spiritual intelligence, and something we call presence.

We're committed to offering messages that remind us of the vital importance of living in the present moment, of loving and accepting what is, no matter what. By featuring ordinary individuals facing extraordinary circumstances as well as well-known spiritual and humanitarian leaders, we will demonstrate that each of us possesses an innate greatness, a wisdom given to us at birth.

We are dedicated to creating experiential resources that help us polish the gemstones of humanity that exist within each of us, enhancing the best we have to offer.

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